My name is Suzanne Burnell-Watts, and I am a Trainer, Master Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner in NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) CBT Practitioner, Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner, Certified Business and Life Coach, Reiki practitioner and an Accredited tuning fork and sound therapist practitioner

Suzanne Burnell-Watts

Suzanne Burnell-Watts
MPNLP, CMP, Hyp., TLTMP, Dip CAH, CMT trainer and Master practitioner in personal change

I am passionate about life and the art of living a stress free life. 

In order to do this I have had to face my own fears and deal with overcoming a stroke and other illnesses as well as dealing with loss. There comes a time in our lives when we need to make a decision about living the life of a victim or taking the more rewarding path of a survivor. As a survivor each day is a joy, yes there are struggles, but my glass in now full and never empty.

I have spend many years studying and learning about people and communication and seen many new clients along the way from all walks of life. The problem is always the same in that they are looking to find a solution not realising the solution is always inside themselves. As a therapist I dip into my toolbox and look for the most appropriate way of enabling my client to move forward in a way that is comfortable to themselves. I am not a miracle worker but a facilitator who walks by your side along your journey and only leaves you when you are sure that you are in a place of safety and your new pathway is sustainable.

If you are interested in the weight loss programme then please click on W8nomore where you will find more information all about this. I offer several different options when dealing with weight loss, one being the Hypno-Band for those of you who have more than 3 stones to lose to attain a healthy weight.






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