Suzanne has helped me enormously with encouragement, helpful information, and coaching. She is a warm, focused and driven person who’s enthusiasm is contagious and propels you to take the initiative and reach out for your goals. She also has a wonderful sense of fun and makes the whole journey a joyful experience.

Maine Dodds / Maxine Dodds Coaching

Su was a great listener, great coach, and helped me get through lots of obstacles that were holding me back. Through her support and encouraging strengths she moved me forwards to were I really wanted to go. I would recommend her as a professional coach to help you achieve the same.

Tracey Cavendish

Suzanne is a source of inspiration to me. Her lively and fun approach to life is delivered with refreshingly integrity, built upon a life time of broad experiences which she has travelled through tenaciously guided by love.

Shirley Mahony

With Su’s guidance I managed to achieve everything i set out to do, and more, as she helped me think more creatively about how to achieve things. I found help in sources I wouldn’t previously have thought to look, and I managed things on my own. The real value of the coaching though was outside of the specific goal I worked toward. In writing for the project I gained so much insight about the direction I wanted to take my business in and the way I wanted o present myself to the world. The impact on my work has been far greater than anticipated. Obviously there is still work to do, but now I go about that work in a different way, and I think I will continue to draw on Su’s advice and attitude in every project and challenge I apply myself to.

Kay Gilliard /

How utterly delightful it was meeting you and the new husband! The experience with the musical chakra chair was phenomenal! Not only are they perfectly beautiful, useful in diagnosing, but harmoniously soothing. Something I will not forget! Thank you for kind and generous time today.

Katie Murphy

Suzanne is an excellent life coach, committed to helping others and I cannot recommend her strongly enough.

Nicola Merton-Richards / Owner Martinsell Centre

Honest, efficient, sincere, trusting, most reliable, great to work with, inspiring, motivating, hard working, caring & patient

Hesham Hakim

Reliable, trustworthy, loyal, can lead or work within a team. A good person to have on your side. A good friend, and will help overcome any obstacles that appear in your way.

Fred Tredrea / In-House Property Maintenance